About Paul Dombrowski, ROI Analyst

Paul Dombrowski founded and ran his own print services company. He was trained by print industry ROI Analyst, Jim Aust. For the past 3 years Dombrowski conducted ROI analysis for the Eastman Kodak Company. He worked directly with sales executives and their customers that are considering the purchase of inkjet and electro photographic printing presses.

Dombrowski's expertise in the printing industry is derived from having produced 100's of unique print projects. His direct experience in sales, estimating, production, and management, runs the gamut from project concept-to-completion:
  • Discover, cultivate, acquire, and grow the customer opportunity
  • Write job specifications
  • Estimate job costs
  • Construct prototypes to test the creative and to confirm the production methods
  • Schedule and manage the project from idea to all-done
  • Set-up and use a database for printing company back-office controls
  • Coach and promote the interface with digital media channels to complement print
Paul Dombrowski understands how to support and utilize the creative and production skills of print manufacturing and digital media professionals. His work experience has taught him how to engage with the problem solving mindset that is at the heart of every printing and digital communications company.

Setting the goals for your customer's ROI analysis, acquiring the necessary data and cost information, and problem solving – this work is not a solitary task. Teamwork must prevail to succeed. Dombrowski knows how to find and form teams and accomplish the goals for the ROI analysis.

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