Book Manufacturers

Book production is the fastest growing category for digital production solutions.

Here are 4 customer questions presented to the ROI Analyst for study:

  1. Determine the fixed and variable costs for the digital press and finishing system. Using data and cost information from both the OEM and customer, construct a P&L (focus on cost side) for digital.
  2. Identify offset jobs to crossover to digital. Using MIS data for each job, together with cost information, calculate the cost per page for the offset jobs. Identify the jobs that could be printed more economically on the digital press.
  3. Calculate the page volume that can move to digital.
    1. Use the digital cost per page as the pivot point to segment the offset work above this cost, and perform data analysis to filter jobs by paper, binding styles, page size, products, customer, and more.
    2. Show for each offset press, the page volume that can move to digital.
  4. Quantify inventory carrying costs. Make a comparison to a business model for printing booklets on demand, or using smaller quantities per order.
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