Working with OEM Sales Representatives

Are you a sales executive for digital press and finishing solutions?

Why not offer your customers a detailed view of their production costs for the current state? This cost information adds significant value to your customer conversations considering a CAPEX in a digital print system.

Your customers know digital printing systems have proven performance and generate profits. Plus, new products can be offered that are made possible with digital printing systems.

What's important to your customer is answering this question:

"What is the expected financial impact of a digital production solution for my company?

Dombrowski can help answer this question, and more:
  • What is the total cost of operation (TCO) for the digital production solution?
  • What is the page volume that can be cost effectively moved to digital?
  • What is the estimated ink cost for the digital press?
  • What is the cost savings for eliminating pre-printed shells and book inventory?
The analysis digs deep into the job specifications and cost information and allows for a detailed "conversation and inquiry into the data."

With this information in hand, plus production samples from your digital production solution, the conversation takes a whole new road to actually achieving change and building the foundation for a more profitable future state.

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