Working with the ROI Analyst

Initial conversation – Each engagement starts with a conversation. To get started, ask a question (see button below) and request a phone conference. We'll discuss your customer's business goals, the sales efforts to date, the players involved, the equipment targeted, and background on the prospect company and its products.

Invite your customer into the conversation – Here we work to learn through questions and discovery and confirm the focus for the analysis.

Scope of Work – This can be as simple as a 1-page letter of understanding. It provides clarity on who does what and when.

Assemble MIS data for jobs – Depending on the question for analysis, we'll usually be looking for job data. We try to work with what's available. Customer data is kept confidential.

Assemble cost high level Information – This includes: plate costs, plate maker labor, press labor, paper and ink. Customer cost information is kept confidential.

Working on site – Depending upon the Scope of Work, it's productive to work on the discovery part of the analysis while on site at the customer's plant. This allows for research benefits and efficient interaction between the analyst and customer.

Perform the analysis and write the report – After the data and information is assembled, cleaned, and understood, then the analysis can proceed. Calculations are inserted. Data visualizations are created. TCO figures are requested from the OEM. Plug-in TCO figures to see equipment specific scenarios. The report is reviewed internally before presentation to the customer.

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